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another fun box o'stuff for Annual came today!more fun stuff for Annual arrived today!potato stamps from the Participatory Play in the Library preconferenceSpinbots at the Participatory Play in the Library preconferencebrilliant potato stamps: Library Makerspacesnomnom cat in the GraphiCon guidegifts from Yorkshire - thanks, Dave!Scott Nicholson doing face painting at ALAplayplaying Giant Blokus at ALAplayUnshelved cosplay at ALAplay!playing the ever-popular Hamster Rolle at ALAplayKathryn as butterflya wide range of characters playing Can't Stop at ALAplaySettlers of Catan plushies!playing Settlers of Catan Junior at ALAplayan entry in the ALAplay dice game design contestplaying Jungle Speed at ALAplayKate and tiny tardis hatDan with the not-so-soft touch playing Toc Toc Woodman at ALAplayBrian's new game, Freedom: The Underground Railroadeven presidents-elect come out to playTelestrations at ALAplayBrian getting a little crazy at ALAplayplaying Tsuro at ALAplayplaying Dancing Eggs at ALAplay