Academic Authorship and Personal Name Headings in Library of Congress Authorities : A case study at a small liberal arts college

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
10:30am to 12:00pm

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Hall A, Exhibit Floor
Author: Hsianghui Liu-Spencer, Cataloging and Digital Services Librarian, Carleton College

As a new participant in the NACO-MN Funnel Project, Carleton wants to implement the new practice for the academic community of our campus, besides serving larger cataloging communities. The Carleton College faculty is very active in research, creating and editing numerous books and book chapters annually. We are interested to learn whether our campus authors have appropriate name authority records in the Library of Congress Authorities and, if not, how many were completely lacking any personal name records. Changes resulting from the implementation of RDA have allowed for much richer personal name authorities providing the opportunity to include such information as the author's affiliation, field of activity, professional occupation, and many other attributes. Initially, we looked at the faculty that had published only during the 2011/12 academic year. We then will continue on, stepping backwards year by year, looking at our faculty authors and their personal name authorities. As we do so, we will involve the faculty members in the creation of their headings. This provides us an opportunity to learn about our faculty, and it will give the faculty new insight into the work of the library. In most cases, this may be the first time, a faculty member learns about his/her authority heading and its importance.

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Thanks to everyone who has attended and expressed interest in this session! I've uploaded PDF of the poster. ~Hsianghui