All work and no play: New Reference Librarians and Stress

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
2:30pm to 4:00pm

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Hall A, Exhibit Floor

There is no one size fits all explanation the stress factors that affect everyone, but there is one guarantee, being the new person is stressful. From the perspective of a new librarian, this poster will cover factors that cause stress for a new reference librarian. For a new reference librarian there are some universal factors that most people relate to such as homesickness and workplace dynamics. However, there are also some factors that rely heavily on the type of person; for example within the context of a reference librarian’s position responsibilities there room for a person’s self-doubt about their performance and stress caused by over-empathizing with library users. The primary stressors explored in this poster, based upon the presenter’s experiences and the research, is job relocation stress, new work culture stress, self-expectation stress, and crossover stress. Proposed coping mechanisms for each of these stressors will also be recommended.

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