Preserving History: Establishing a National Latino Digital Archive

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
4:30pm to 5:30pm

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Chicago Room
Speaker: Lillian Castillo-Speed, Head Librarian, Ethnic Studies Library, UC Berkeley
Speaker: Lizette Guerra, Archivist & Librarian, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
Speaker: Romelia Salinas, Head of Access Services & Instruction Librarian, California State University Los Angeles

With the advent of digital content we continue to see a pattern of certain information being privileged over another. To ensure that communities are represented in this environment in a manner that is respectful and equitable, it is imperative that targeted efforts be carried out. It is this backdrop that has informed the work of the Latino Digital Archive Group which is setting the stage for the development of a national Latino Digital Archive.

Attendees will be engaged in a dialog regarding the complexities of developing a national Latino Digital Archive. The presenters would like to highlight the progress of this project as well as the range of content the archive will contain. This digital resource will include digitized and digital born materials reflecting the Latino community’s own diverse voices as well as content that is not generally considered “Latino” but nonetheless represents issues that have shaped our experiences both individually and collectively – women’s movement, labor, immigration, education, law, policy, environmentalism, health, language, culture, music, and the arts. Realistically, this list could go on and on, but the point being that this new resource will attempt to narrow if not erase the information gap that exists between users and information. Attendees are invited to join this emerging community of practice that will continue to present us with the responsibility of documenting, preserving, and providing access to our communities’ stories.

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