Research At Your Service! ¡Investigaciones para servirles! Latinos & their Information Needs on Center Stage

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

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Spire Parlor
Moderator: Denice Adkins, President, REFORMA
Speaker: Jimena Sagás
Speaker: Kaitlin J. Peterson
Speaker: Patricia L. Guardiola

The growth of the Latino population means we need more research. REFORMA President Denice Adkins, University of Missouri, Columbia, conducted a research competition focusing on the Latino population, their library and/or information needs, and/or the responses of the LIS community to those needs. Three winners will present their research. Come hear the best exemplars of research, new developments and why research and library service are inseparable, i.e. how to link research results to making our libraries more useful, and how to design service-level research that tells us what we need to know about Latino library users. Everyone is welcome!

*Patricia L. Guardiola, will present her project titled, "Serving an Exploding Population: Analyzing the Information Behavior of and Resources Available to Latino Patrons, Using the Louisville Free Public Library System as a Model."
*Kaitlin J. Peterson, will present her project titled, "Including the Culturally Excluded and Socially Forgotten: Information Services for Spanish Migrant Workers in the United States."

*Jimena Sagás, will present her project titled, "Where I come from libraries are different: A comparative study of patron experience with libraries in Mexico and the United States."

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