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Sunday, June 30, 2013 -
1:00pm to 5:30pm

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Grant Park 12BCD

Authority Control of Relationship Designators in RDA


Authority Control in Data Repositories and Digital Projects

Janis Young, Policy and Standards Division

Library of Congress Update

Chew Chiat Naun, Cornell University

Relationship Designators: Issues in Vocabulary Control and Development

There has been renewed interest in relationship designators with the introduction of RDA and they pose some interesting issues in vocabulary control. The presenter served on the PCC Relationship Designator Guidelines Task Group, which grappled, with varying degrees of success, with issues concerning multiple source vocabularies, how to understand the concept of an “open” vocabulary, how to harmonize the efforts of various specialist communities, limitations of the MARC format, and FRBR implementation. Although the Task Group has completed its report, it identified many areas where work would need to be carried forward by others. This presentation will explain the thinking behind the group’s recommendations, and perhaps more importantly, outline some underlying issues in vocabulary control and development, and suggest areas for future work.

Chelcie Rowell. Metadata Research Center.

Controlled Vocabulary Status and Potential in Data Repositories

Cataloging authority control practices are adapting to many new digital environments including repositories for scientific research data. Controlled vocabularies play an important role in promoting interoperability within and across these systems. Although many disciplinary communities have vocabularies supporting authority control, our knowledge on the current state of controlled vocabulary use across data repositories is limited. This presentation will report on an NSF-sponsored research project examining controlled vocabulary use, knowledge, and perceptions of catalogers/curators, researchers, system developers, and administrators.

The presentation will share the research goals, methodology, results, and open a discussion on how controlled vocabulary challenges for data might be addressed. Conclude with implications of this research project for the Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabulary Engineering (HIVE) model.

Jeremy Myntti , University of Utah
Nate Cothran, Backstage Library Works

Authority Control and Linked Data for Digital Library Metadata

Libraries have had methods for linking name and subject headings in MARC bibliographic records to MARC authority records for many years, but there are not the same types of practices within digital collection platforms that are quite as easy to implement. The University of Utah's Marriott Library has been working with Backstage Library Works to come up with an automated solution for authorizing fields in digital library metadata to provide consistency and to improve access to collections. In addition to standardizing headings, this process will be able to add links in the metadata records to the Library of Congress Linked Data Service ( in order to incorporate some linked data best practices. This presentation will consist of an overview of the need for authority control in metadata records, the process that Backstage Library Works and University of Utah are working to implement, and a detailed look at the changes that can be automated through this process.

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