ALAplay 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013 -
7:30pm to 10:00pm

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Sheraton Ballroom 1 & 2

ALAplay is a free, open evening of gaming, graphic novels and cosplay brought to you by the Games and Gaming Round Table and the Graphic Novels Members Interest Group. Get your Lovecraft on this year with games, giveaways and costumes. This year we will have demos and scheduled sessions including: a Cthulhu themed campaign; Paizo Publishing showcasing their games, including the upcoming Pathfinder Adventure Card Game; 3-D printing demonstrations and a preview of Brian Mayer's upcoming cooperative game Freedom: The Underground Railroad. So grab your tentacles, come on down and let's go MAD!

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Friday, May 10, 2013 - 1:15am CDT
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Have any of you read this article? I'm in the "games as art" camp, myself. What about you?

"Are Video Games the Next Great Art Form?" [by Noah Davis, posted to the Pacific Standard magazine website on June 4, 2013]

Blue skies,

Having just finished a second playthrough of Mass Effect a week ago (and still thinking about it), I certainly believe that video games can be art. But it's like every form of entertainment - books, film, TV, music - there can be different degrees of "artiness". Some may rise to the level of so-called "high art" and others may just feed our basic popular culture appetites. Like having a prime rib versus a fast food hamburger - they both satisfy different hungers of our senses.

One of my side activities is face painting, so I will be there with my paints ready to have some fun!   You can see my face painting world at

I just wanted to give an overview of some of the events going on at ALAPLAY this year. Besides lots of great gaming swag, include custom GameRT dice we have some of the following fun stuff transpiring:

We have Paizo Publishing showcasing their Pathfinder system, their new Pathfinder Card Game which debuts at GenCon and Kill Dr. Lucky as well.

Jeff Ginger will be showing off and doing demos of 3D printing
Scott Nicholson is going to do face painting.
Matthew Murray is going to run a Cthulhu Campaign.
Brian Mayer will be demoing his upcoming historical co-op Freedom: The Underground Railroad
Mayfair and Stronghold game demos
Game Design Contest based on our sweet purple GameRT Dice
And lots more fun!
So be sure to stop on down!