Usability, the User Experience & Interface Design: The Role of Reference

Sunday, June 30, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm

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Moderator: Donna Scanlon, Electronic Resources Coordinator, Library of Congress
Speaker: David Bietila, Digital Library Development Center, University of Chicago Library, Web Program Director
Speaker: Deborah Bezanson, Associate University Librarian for Research and User Services, Gelman Library - George Washington University
Speaker: Elizabeth German, Web Services Coordinator, University of Houston
Speaker: Gina Petersen, Human Resources Specialist, University of Chicago Library
Speaker: Kelsey Brett, Resource Discovery Systems Fellow, University of Huston Libraries
Speaker: Lesley Moyo, Director, Research and Instruction Services, Virginia Tech University
Speaker: Tracy Gilmore, Technical Services Librarian, Virginia Tech University

With the advent of new discovery tools and new technology, the habits of our researchers and users have certainly changed. How are we collecting data and observing behavior to improve these interfaces to better meet our user's needs? How can we learn from what other researchers are studying and use that data to implement change? What is the new relationship between the virtual space, the physical space, and the user experience?

Panel members will discuss how their institutions have implemented innovative changes to the user interface and address the role of usability testing in their decision process. Audience members will have opportunities to submit questions to the panelists. The learning objectives for attendees are:

==Increased understanding of changes in users’ research habits;
==Introduction to methods of information/data collection beyond traditional usability studies;
==Learn processes for implementing change relevant for their own institutions.

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Greetings Myunghee Bae,

I see you posted a note to the program on Usability from the Annual conference.  Was there something specific that you are interested in?  I'm happy to assist or to direct you to the appropriate persons if you would provide additional information.

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Donna Scanlon, Chair - 2013 MARS Chair Program Plannign

PowerPoint presentation for Elizabeth Gilmore & Kelsey Brett (University of Houston)

PowerPoint presentation from David Bietila & Gina Peterson (University of Chicago)

PowerPoint for Tracy Gilmore & Lesley Moyo (Virginia Tech)

Handout:  Speaker bios & program description