Long e-Overdue

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm

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Moderator: Henry Bankhead, Library Manager for Adult Services, Los Gatos Public Library
Speaker: Brian Auger, Director, Somerset County Library System
Speaker: James LaRue, Director, Douglas County Libraries
Speaker: Mary Minow, Follett Chair, Dominican University of California
Speaker: Michael Porter, President, Library Renewal

Who needs yet another program on turmoil in the ebook marketplace? And you already know we can’t do an end-run around the goliaths in the industry. Or can we? Find out what happens when librarians stop being mere licensees and once again “own” the content they convey. Join our panel of e-content pioneers, Monique Sendze (Douglas County Libraries), Heather Teysko (Califa Group), Michael Porter (Library Renewal) and Henry Bankhead (Los Gatos PL) for a lively panel discussion. Can David knock out the Philistine one more time?

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 5:15pm CDT
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Hello All,

As moderator for this exciting event, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to solicit some questions from all of you in advance. If anyone would like to do so you can post them as a comment or email me at

Hello Mr. Bankhead,

We (MOREnet; www.more.net) are seeing near 100% interest from our member libraries in owning their ebooks. We are moving rapidly to replicate the Douglas County Library/Califa system. We're just about to install Adobe Content Server. We've spoken with Linda Crowe and Heather Teysko at Califa about helping contribute to their work on VuFind through programmer time. We have a long history of working with and in open source projects. Until we are given access to that code, we are planning to test drive the available VuFind code. That said…

How can we join the Enki code base effort in order to both make use of the code and contribute back to the community?

What tools need to be built to complete the ebook ecosystem that are currently being handled manually (ONIX conversion tool)?

How can we streamline our eventual reaching out to the publishers that have signed on with DCL and Califa?

What are the pain points that still need to be resolved? (I can think of six, at least.)

In short, how can we help?

See you on the 29th.


David Drum

My library' eBook vendor is OverDrive.  I am aware of 3M but do not know if they offer anything more than OD.  I have not herd of VuFind and do not know what the ENKi code base system might be.

Where can I do my homework before attending ALA?



Hi Karen,

We are also w Overdrive and looking at options. David Drum put together a pretty comprehensive list of items related to this self-hosting concept at


with a link about Vufind at the end

from Jaime LaRue's article The Last One Standing http://publiclibrariesonline.org/2013/04/the-last-one-standing/

ENKI code base system I think refers to the development that the Quipu group is doing for CALIFA consortium here in CA.

Also, indie publishing comes into the mix:

Does this answer your question?



Have a look at this page where I compiled a series of resources prior to a web presentation I made to Missouri libraries. This is my own summary and I am not involved with Douglas County Libraries or Califa, who are doing the real work on this topic. I hope this helps.



Just curious: why are the four panelists listed in the "Description" completely different than the four speakers listed under "Presenters" for this session? Are all 8 people speaking/paneling? Or are 4 speaking, and 4 panel discussing? It's rather confusing as presented.

Thanks for the questions Will; sorry about the confusion. This event was actually planned almost a year ago, and as it will, life intervened and several of the original panelists could not attend. Thus Heather Teysko (CALIFA) and Monique Sendze (DCPL) , though listed in the original program, will not be in attendance. They will be replaced by Mary Minnow (CALIFA) and Jamie LaRue (DCPL). Hope that helps clarify.