Maker Nation: Providing STEM Programming Through Partnership

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm

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Speaker: Greg Jacobs
Speaker: Jeff Krull
Speaker: Mari Hardacre

Learn how Allen County Public Library partnered with the non-profit organization TekVenture beginning in 2011 to offer innovative programming on topics related to science, technology, engineering, math, art, and design for patrons age 12 and up. Create a maker community in your city or town! Presenters: Jeff Krull, Allen County Public Library director, Greg Jacobs, TekVenture president, and Mari Hardacre, Young Adults' Services manager.

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Q&A about the ACPL/Tek Venture collaboration.

Here is a partial list of workshops by TekVenture, in no particular order.

Machining Basics: Lathe and Mill

Expert machinists Steve Tumbleson and Jerod Daily introduce you to the basic set up and operation of the metal milling machine and metal lathe. Learn about turning, knurling, facing, cutting, “speeds and feeds”, ” tramming”, “zeroing” measuring, clamping and holding, boring, offset and taper turning among other techniques. Close-toed shoes required.

CNC Machining:  Mill

CNC or “computer numeric control” of the milling machine enables you to have the machine automatically make your parts from a design file you create. Learn about “G Code” that controls the machine, and be introduced to MACH3 industrial grade CNC software you can download and create files on at home.

From IDEA to Design: CADCAM Part 1 Peter Bolakowski

Turn your invention ideas into designs by learning to draw your designs using freeware SketchUP and other computer-aided design (CAD) programs.

From Design to FILE: CADCAM Part 2 Peter Bolakowski

Refine your CAD designs and then save them to files for fabrication on 3 D printers or other TekVenture Maker Station CNC machines

Open Fabrication Makers

Design and fabricate an object using the tools of the Tek Venture Maker Station including EggBots, 3D printers, vacuum forming and injection molding machines, CNC router and mill among others. 

From FILE to MODEL: CADCAM Part 3 Makers

Makers: Introduce your designs to machines that can make them: 3 D Printing and CNC machines.

Airborne:  Rockets Away! Phil Springer

Build pneumatic rocket launchers. Then Invent and launch paper retrievable rockets just in time for 4th of July celebrations!

Airborne:  Circle Kites* Steve Kumfer

Learn to make cool, people-sized Circle Kites. Access to sewing machine and basic seaming and sewing skills highly recommended. 

Airborne:  ‘Copter Guru Shane Rhinehart

HelioGuru from Phil’s Hobby Shop explains radio-controlled helicopters, their mechanics, aerodynamics and how they are controlled. He will fly several helicopters. 

3D File to Prototype Ted Skeeters

Create a design file of your invention in SketchUP, then Learn how to prototype your invention using 3D Printing.

Create A Creature Robin G.

Using AutoDesk's 123D Creature on an iPad, design a creature, then print it!

3 D PRINT-A-RAMA! Makers

Open to ACPL staff and downtown biz people who want to learn more about 3 D printing and how they can access 3 D printers. 

THE BUGZZZ OF SUMMER 3 D Printing in the ACPL !

Learn about, Design and Print: bugs and other insects using 3 D printers. Workshop conducted inside the Library.

Circle Kites Workshop Part 2 Steve Kumfer

ACPL, Meeting Room B. Completion of circle kites already sewn by participants in 5 July 

Electricity and Electronics by Peter Bolawkowski

Explore the relationship between electricity and magnetism and how inventors have used this relationship to generate, measure and store electric power, using electromagnets, motors, generators and capacitors. 

Start Soldering! Ken Ramsey

Essential to creating electric and electronic projects, soldering is easier that it looks! Learn to solder wire, then solder components to a printed circuit board in a simple electronic kit.

Arduinos & Microcontrollers* Jim Merz

Arduino Geek and kinetic artist, Jim Merz, introduces you to Arduino set-up and development, inputs and outputs, digital Input/Output conversion, pulse width modulation and other topics that really aren't as tricky as they sound!

*Participants must supply their own Arduino board, laptop computer and AB/USB cable to connect their laptop to
their Arduino board. Arduinos may be acquired on-line or from a local Radio Shack store.

Molding: Vacuum forming Pond, Jacobs

Design a special logo, family or warrior crest prototype and fabricate it using wood, or 3D printers; then vacuum form that prototype to make a plastic mold from your design. The molds can then be used for making multiples of cookies, candy or plaster or cold metal!

Molding: Injection molding & machining Pond, Dailey

Select a prototype mold to have machined on CNC mill, then place it in the injection molder and inject it with hot plastic to make a key fob, badge, coin or small object.

Flaming Working Glass Studio! Eran Park

Learn to heat, fuse, blow and weld colored glass rod in flame. See glass objects and beautiful vessels created by an experienced glass artist.

Workshop is held @ GlassPark Studio, 4037 South Wayne Ave.

Welding & Brazing Jasmin Hartman

Experience the excitement of melt two pieces of steel together to make something! A professional welder introduces you to electric welding and oxy-acetylene gas welding under the TekVenture tent. No open toed shoes; bring a long-sleeved old work shirt to wear when welding.

Welding for Women Jasmin Hartman

A professional woman welder introduces you to electric welding and oxy-acetylene gas welding under the TekVenture tent. No open toed shoes; bring a long-sleeved old work shirt to wear when welding.

EggBots Highlen, Jacobs

Invent a design, sign, poem or other art in InkScape, then watch the robotic artist: EggBot recreate it on a hard-boiled or plastic egg! If sunny, use the TekVenture parabolic solar cooker to boil the eggs!

Anatomy of a Robot Marty Stern

Find out how a robotic arm is built and programmed. Participants will learn how the parts of a robot go together and will learn to modify simple C-based programs to explore robotic motion from a retired Raytheon engineer. 

Robot Round UP Makers and Robots

Got a robot you built or are building? Bring it to the TekVenture Maker Station Robot Round Up and test it. Talk shop, trade ideas and techniques with other robot makers from the area. All levels of technology welcome. Are you new to robotics? Find out what it’s about from other makers!


Learn with Peter Bolakowski how to use Freeware SketchUp® to create a 3D model and save the design as a transportable, machinable file.

SketchUp to GCode

Peter Bolakowski shows how to translate your SketchUp® Designs to G Code for manufacturing on CNC vertical
milling machine, 3D printers and other CNC machine tools.

More Soldering: Electronics Kits

Get more soldering practice as Kevin VanZuilen of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,) introduces you to soldering tools, materials and techniques for electrical circuit soldering on a choice of simple
circuit kits.

Circuit Bending: History and Geography

Circuit bender, Mark Hoffman, relates the history and current culture of “Circuit Bending” or hacking electrical toys and other devices that can make noise. A short power point presentation about the history and current culture of “Circuit Bending” or re-purposing electrical toys, musical instruments and other devices that can make sounds. Then a hands on demonstration with audience participation and brief question & answer period. This demonstration will take place in the Globe Room at Main Library.

Circuit Bending: All Day

Grab the Screw Driver! Circuit bending maestro Mark Hoffman, takes you on an in-depth workshop in this fast-growing art form of circuit bending. Using the brand new circuit bending keyboard kit the “Dub Crusher”
you will build and design your own “toy”. You’ll have a safe time exploring electronic circuitry because these toys are battery operated. By the end of the day you will have made a cool sounding bit crushing effect processor. Join the jam session at the end of the workshop and be posted on YouTube.

Meet the new 3D Printers: Afinia and Replicator 2

The Afinia and the MakerBot Industries’ Replicator 2 are the among the new state-of-the-art 3D printers available at the Allen County Public Library. Learn how they work at this demonstration. Print an object to take away! Call 421-1374 to sign up. This workshop will be held in the Tek Venture Maker Station at Main Library.

Chain Reaction Challenge Workshop

Get tips for building your link machine from experts Casey Drudge, and members of the Chain Reaction Challenge committee. Then pick your team and build a “Rube Goldberg®” machine activated by string pull, to compete for awards in the Sixth Annual TekVenture Chain Reaction Challenge in the Library on Saturday 20 April. This workshop will take place in the meeting rooms B & C at Main Library. 

Prototyping Your Ideas

Do you have an idea for an invention, gadget or artwork? Learn how you might make it using the tools in the Tek Venture Maker Station. Make cookie dough molds, 3D printed jewelry or parts, signs and model buildings or your own artwork, a combination of all fabrication tools?