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  1. Do I need to be a member of ALA to register for an exhibits-only pass?
    No, you do not need to be a member of ALA in order to register for an exhibits-only pass.
  2. What forms of payment does the onsite registration desk accept?
    Onsite we accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. 


  1. Is childcare available onsite at Annual?
    ALA will host Camp ALA, where children ages 6 month - 17 years are welcome. Event  registration fee is $10 and does not include lunch.  Parents may purchase lunch on the registration form or make personal plans for their children's lunches.  No lunches will be ordered onsite.

    Registration Link: www.accentregister.com/register/campala13

    Registration Form:Click for registration form

    NOTE: For safety and security of your child(ren), ALA/ACCENT has the right to refuse care to any child based on space availability and appropriateness. ALA/ACCENT also has the right to refuse care to any child unable to adapt to group situations as well as any child whose presence or behavior may disrupt the program or endanger the halth or safety of other children.  

    Registration: To assure that your child has a place, please pre-register by June 14th, 2013.  We will assume your child will attend during the hours registered.  If your schedule changes, we need as much notice as possible.  We will accommodate you as best we can based on availability. You will receive a refund for a cancellation received in writing at ACCENT offices no later than June 14, 2013. You will receive no refund for a cancellation made after that time. "No shows" receive no refund. This policy is to insure proper staffing, which is in the best interest of your child(ren). ACCENT staff do not administer medication and any child who is ill will not be admitted to the center.

  2. Is there free wifi available for attendees?
     Yes, wifi will be available throughout McCormick Place meeting space and common areas.
  3. Will there be a New Mothers Room at Annual 2013?
     Yes, room S400b has been designated the New Mothers Room.


  1. Can non-committee members attend committee meetings?
    Yes, anyone who is registered for the day of a committee meeting or for the full conference can attend any meeting that is not marked as "closed."
  2. Can non-ALA members attend committee meetings?
    Yes, non-ALA members who are registered for the day of a committee meeting or for the full conference can attend any meeting not marked as "closed."
  3. Can I attend the ALA Awards Ceremonies if I have an Exhibits Only pass?
    No, only attendees registered for the conference itself can attend the ALA Awards Ceremonies.
  4. Where can I find handouts from sessions?
    View the list of sessions with available handouts. Note that it's up to each presenter to upload their handouts to their session, so not all records have handouts. An archive of recorded programs will be available for free for all attendees who registered for the full conference. We'll be emailing a link to that archive in late July.
  5. As a presenter, how do I upload my handouts?
    To upload your handouts, log in to the Annual website, browse or search to find your session, add a new comment to your session, and attach your files to the comment. This will add the files to the session record and send an email to everyone who added your session to their schedule.

In the Exhibits

  1. What is ALA's policy regarding children on the Exhibit Floor?
    Strollers are permitted on the exhibit floor but only if there is a child in them at all times. Unescorted children are not permitted on the exhibit floor. Children under the age of five must be under control at all times (stroller, pack, etc.). Any child over the age of five must have an Exhibits-Only badge to be admitted to the exhibit floor. These badges are available at onsite registration for $35. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16.
  2. Can Exhibits-Only registrants attend author signings?
    Any Exhibits-Only registrant can attend any author signing in the Exhibit Hall.


  1. Does ALA provide airport travel recommendations?
    Yes, Go Airport Express is the official ALA partner. They have a booth near Gate 3 of McCormick Place where they will be selling tickets and making reservations. You can also book online at http://airportexpress.hudsonltd.net/res?USERIDENTRY=ALA&LOGON=GO
  2. General tips for getting the most out of ALA Conferences--take a look at everything on the First Timers tab.


Getting to and from McCormick Place during Blackhawks Victory Parade & Celebration (Friday, June 28) 

The route of the parade and celebration is close to some of the conference hotels and although our shuttle bus routes will stay the same, please anticipate travel delays and plan accordingly.  All ALA events will start and end as scheduled. (Check the Maps page on this website for shuttle bus routes, schedules, and other information.)

Detailed information is available from the City of Chicago at http://bit.ly/11Oh8r8 and local Chicago news media, including:  http://wgntv.com/2013/06/26/hawks-parade-will-begin-at-930-a-m-friday-at-the-u-c/