Slam the Boards! - A Model for Marketing through Action: A Reference Services Discussion Forum

Saturday, June 29, 2013 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm

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Clark 22A-C

Attend this discussion forum for a lively discussion on actively marketing and promoting your institution's reference services (both in-person and virtual). Come ready to share ideas and learn from your colleagues! Co-sponsored by the RSS Marketing and Public Relations for Reference Services Committee and RSS/MARS Virtual Reference Services Committee.

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I'm glad to see so many people interested in “Slam the Boards! - A Model for Marketing Through Action.” I guess you can consider this "Slam Spam."

If you missed the preliminary webinar, you can see the recording at (choose the last session listed, on May 21). Feel free to attend the ALA discussion session, even if you didn't see the webinar.

June 10 will be upon us soon, so I’m asking you to consider visiting the Social Q&A site of your choice (Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc.) and contribute some answers, making sure to identify yourself in some way as a librarian. When possible, make appropriate references to library services for the asker to use as follow-up.

Then, once you’ve answered, I encourage you to share your activities with other “slammers!” Either post links via Twitter, using the #slamtheboards hashtag, or share via the Slam the Boards group on Facebook ( Also share your questions, concerns, congratulations, etc.!

A quick final note: I’ll actually be on vacation June 10, so I probably won’t be slamming much that day, however, I’ll try to check in that evening to see how things are going. I’ll pick up some questions in the next few days, just to make sure I’m participating. Feel free to do the same if the 10th doesn’t work for you. The ultimate goal is to get librarians participating any time they can.

See you in Chicago!

--Bill Pardue

Hi, all!  I look forward to seeing you all Saturday.  Since it's a discussion session, I won't be doing much talking from the podium.  You'll generate all the good ideas!  I've attached a copy of my very short PPT, so that you can look over the discussion questions and let them "marinate" a bit.

Thanks...see you tomorrow!

--Bill Pardue